Over 500 families participated in our first Gear Swap by donating or getting gear. Together, we raised $10,000 so students in Edina Public Schools who are economically disadvantaged are able to GO get involved in new ways. Thank you! We will be back again next year and hope to see you all again.

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Why We Exist

There are numerous programs that students can engage in outside of the school day. However, we know that sometimes barriers to student participation exist. Nine percent of students in Edina Public Schools live at or near the poverty line, making it difficult to get engaged. Edina Give and Go is committed to removing financial barriers so all students can access the programming offered in our community.

How To Help

Here at Edina Give and Go, we are focused on unlocking opportunities for students, from academics to the arts to athletics. We are a mission-aligned partner of Edina Public Schools, uniquely positioned to remove financial barriers to participation for students.