Summer is GO time 2017!

Edina Community Education Summer Enrichment Camps

Every summer, Edina Community Education puts on numerous camps and classes to provide enrichment over the summer to students in grades K-8. However, they have found through family surveys that one of the biggest barriers to participation in summer enrichment is cost. So, Edina Give and Go and Edina Community Education partner to provide scholarship funds in an effort to remove this barrier for families.

Just like their friends from school, Summer is GO Time participants get to choose up to four camps from over 50 exciting summer camps offered through Edina Community Education. Each camp lasts for one week (4-5 days) in either morning or afternoon sessions. The choices are many and varied… running the gamut from Art & Yoga Camp to NASA Explorer’s Camp. These fun and enriching summer camps offer opportunities to explore arts, academics and athletics.

Cost per student: $650 ($500 from Give and Go, $150 from Community Ed)

Goal: 50 students

Total Cost: $32,500 ($25K from Give and Go, $7.5K from Community Ed)

Please consider giving so that we may unlock this opportunity for more students. Last year the goal was to get 50 students to participate and 63 signed up!