A student wanted to play the flute in band, but was unable to afford to buy or rent a flute.  A community member donated a flute and the young student was thrilled to be part of the band.

Two students needed a white shirt for concert band at the middle school.  When we asked for help from the community, gently used shirts were donated and the students were able to be dressed as required for the concert.

Several students at the high school could afford only a portion of the cost of a thespian trip.  With the help of donations, they were able to attend and be a part of the performance.

A middle school student, who recently moved to the United States, had his heart set on playing the saxophone.  Because this is a very expensive instrument, the family was unable to buy even a used instrument. The rental cost was too high and would take away from the basic needs of the family.  They were almost ready to give up when the social worker contacted Edina Give and Go.  A beautiful saxophone was donated over the summer from a generous donor.  Through Bill Webb, we were able to connect the donated saxophone with the budding musician.  Working together, we are better.


A student at the middle school needed help with the cost of a swim suit.  It’s a small need, but it has a big impact! For some students it is easier to say “I don’t want to swim” rather than, “my parents can not afford to buy me a suit.”  With the help of a generous donor, this student was able to purchase a swim suit and swim at school.

A student who is on the track team was able to get support through the school for his registration and uniforms, but when everyone on the team got the “extra team sweatshirt”  that was not included in the regular registration fees, he felt left out.  It is so hard to be on the team and not have the team sweatshirt. With the help of Hornet Pride donors, this student was able to purchase a sweatshirt.


Research has shown that students who are unable to participate in summer enrichment activities fall behind their peers who do so. Believing that all students should have access to academic and enrichment activities during the whole year, Edina Give and Go collaborated with Edina Public Schools and Edina Community Education Services to create Summer is Go Time— a two week summer enrichment program at the Edina Community Center. Over 50 students participated in enriching and exploratory summer programs. Students of all ages were engaged in a variety of activities. Below are some of our success stories from the summer with an emphasis on Summer is Go Time:

  • 32 third through fifth graders attended two weeks of enriching classes at the Edina Community Center. Students chose from LEGOLAND, cheerleading, woodworking, soccer, painting, and more. Edina Public Schools provided transportation.
  • 2 middle school students attended basketball camp.
  • 4 high school students participated in a new enrichment program, Access Great Teachers, which provided hands on experience in science, reading, math and writing.
  • 2 high school students attended a science camp.
  • 12 middle school students took part in a bike program where they learned the mechanics and rules of biking and received a bike of their own.
  • 7 students were able to participate in City of Edina Parks and Recreation Programs.

Edina Public Schools is promoting the use of technology in the classroom to better prepare students for the world in which we live. However, there are many families in Edina who cannot afford internet access in their homes. These students struggle to get their homework assignments done and keep up with their classmates. Because of your generosity, 25 students of all ages are now benefitting from internet access in their homes. They can now enjoy expanded and extended opportunities for learning and can be more successful students!

Generous donations have allowed Edina Give and Go to provide extensive financial aid to EHS students who could not afford TOEFL and SAT/ACT tutoring. In addition, many college bound students have been able to improve their ACT and SAT test scores by taking the tests an additional time. Your donations have made that possible! Thank you.

This summer, a laptop computer was donated to Edina Give and Go. We were able to have it refurbished through the Smart Bar at Valley View Middle School and then passed it on to a grateful Edina family for use in their home. The students are able to complete their homework, and the mom is able to receive communication from her children’s schools.