Edina Give and Go is committed to removing short-term and long-term barriers for Edina Public Schools (EPS) students who are economically disadvantaged.

In the wake of recent events, EPS summer staff has confirmed that roughly 150 EPS families have had interrupted access to basic needs and services. Join us, in partnership with Edina Public Schools, the Edina Resource Center, and the Edina Black Student Union as we launch the Rapid Community Response to collect gift cards, transportation support, and other prioritized items for distribution to the households of EPS students.

We know the power of coming together as a community. The focus of this effort is to be responsive to the foundational needs of our students and their families during these challenging times.

Ways to Contribute

Needs will be updated weekly at Amazon Wish List  and  Sign-up Genius. Response will run through August 15th, 2020.


Check out the FAQ or email info@edinagiveandgo.org

  • Who are the students/families receiving support through the Rapid Community Response?

    The focus for support is Edina Public Schools students and families that live in areas where access to basic services and needs has been temporarily interrupted. There are approximately 150 families.

  • How long will this response effort last?

    The Rapid Community Response will last from June 10th through August 15th, 2020.

  • How can I help?

    Search for specific items to donate from the Amazon Wish List  or select items from the  Sign-up Genius. Amazon wish-list items will be mailed directly to Edina Give and Go. Donations from the Sign-up Genius should be brought location indicated in the Sign-up Genius.

  • Can I donate other items not on your list?

    At this time we are collecting items specific to the needs of our families.  If you need help finding a place accepting other types of donations contact the Edina Resource Center, 952-848-3936, contact@edinaresourcecenter.com.

  • Do you need volunteers?

    We are working with our partners to define volunteer needs and will share information soon. Details will be shared on social media and at edinagiveandgo.org as we have updates.

  • What if I see or hear of a need, who should I contact?

    Contact Krista Philips at the Edina Resource Center, 952-848-3936, or contact@edinaresourcecenter.com

  • How are needs being identified?

    Edina Public Schools summer staff is working directly with students and families to understand needs now and in the weeks ahead.

    We will turn needs into in-kind donations, wherever possible, and post a call-to-action for community members to contribute at Amazon Wish List  or  Sign-up Genius.

    Needs that are not able to be turned into an in-kind donation (e.g. rent, loss of car, etc.) will work with the Edina Resource Center on potential support providers.

  • Does this support take the place of Edina Give and Go’s typical grant support for a student this summer?

    No. Edina Give and Go will still provide up to $500 per student this summer. Qualified students can use granting dollars to access academic, arts, and athletic activities.

  • How is this connected to or different from other local non-profit efforts?

    Edina Give and Go is connected with local non-profits as we collectively work to meet the needs of students while ensuring we avoid duplication of support.

    Food needs are being supported through the MealFund COVID-19 Response. Recent events may increase or expand needs and the MealFund is ready to respond to support food needs of Edina Public Schools students and their families.

    Edina Give and Go supports EPS students who are economically disadvantaged by removing barriers to academic, arts and athletic opportunities. This summer, we will also be supporting students through the Rapid Community Response.

    The Edina Education Fund is partnering with the Edina School District to support mental health initiatives for all students in Edina Public Schools in these difficult times.

    The Edina Community Foundation COVID-19 Relief Fund provides grants to community organizations working to meet the needs of individuals and families in our community who have been especially impacted by the pandemic.