Unlocking opportunities, one student at a time.


A collaborative response partnership between the Edina MealFund, the Edina Education Fund, and Edina Give and Go to purchase and distribute evening meals to families in need.  With community support, we have distributed over 50,000 dinner servings to families since March (numbers as of mid-September 2020).

In partnership with Edina Public Schools, the Edina Resource Center, and the Edina Black Student Union we launched the Rapid Community Response effort to address interrupted access to basic needs and services for Edina Public Schools families in the wake of the events following the killing of George Floyd. The effort delivered foundational needs during challenging times. Together, with community members and district staff, we were able to support over 30 families.



students supported


Opportunities unlocked from June-August

cooking lessons, tutoring, volleyball, football, statistics, ACT prep, dance bootcamp, strength and speed class, video production, driver’s education, teen speaking class, masters in Minecraft, spy academy, watercolor studio, piano lessons, computer camp, hip hop, cheerleading, soccer, guitar lessons, and more


GO dance:

Edina Give and Go unlocked the opportunity for these three sisters to take ballet class together at the Edina Community Center.

GO cheer:

Edina Give and Go provided scholarships for seven Game Day Cheerleaders. We love seeing these girls encourage their peers throughout the year.

GO make music:

GO learn:

Edina Give and Go is partnering with the Edina Learning Center to increase access to quality pre-school education with scholarships for our littlest learners in the district.

GO drive

Edina Give and Go has supported over 80 students in the past 18 months with scholarships for driver’s education. A driver’s license provides mobility and opportunities that many students in lower-income homes are not able to access.

“Driver’s education was a wonderful opportunity for my child. I’m a single mother and it was so helpful to have the assistance. Thank you kindly.”

-Mom of high school student

GO flip, twist, land

Edina Give and Go has partnered with over 20 organizations and companies in the past year to help ensure students can get involved in the programs that exist.

“My daughter is so excited to finally get to take gymnastics lessons. Thank you!”

-Mom of an elementary student

GO make music

“It’s amazing to watch him play the flute and really push himself. He really loves it.”

– Grandparent of a band student

GO shoot hoops

Edina Give and Go has supported 15 traveling basketball players in the past two years. We love seeing kids challenge themselves in new ways.

“He is so excited to be playing traveling basketball again this season. Thank you!”

– Dad of basketball player