Instruments for All

The band and orchestra programs at Edina Public Schools have long had a program where students who experience financial need could rent an instrument for a fee ranging from $50 to $100 per year. This fee was traditionally waived for students who receive free and reduced price lunch. However, over the years, the fund that was used to cover the fees began to run a large deficit. That same fund was used to maintain, repair and replace instruments used in the rental program. As this was becoming unsustainable, the district and Edina Give and Go worked on an idea for a new program called Instruments for All to benefit students in band and orchestra at all levels.  Edina Give and Go just had the pleasure of granting $4700 to Instruments for All. This money will be used to pay the fee for students on free and reduced price lunch so all students who desire to play an instrument can do so on an instrument that is kept in good working order.

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