Help a Student Who Wants to Work Pay DACA Fee

An Edina high school age student is currently in the process of applying for Consideration for Deferred Action for Child Arrivals (DACA). DACA allows a student who is enrolled in school, arrived in the US before their 16th birthday, and who has not committed a felony or misdemeanor to be gainfully employed. It does not make the student a legal resident.

Receiving DACA status will allow the student two major things:

  • The student will not have to worry about deportation. In addition, the student will be able to participate in school activities which require documentation to travel inside and outside of the USA.
  • Most importantly, the student will be able to apply for and obtain legal work. Without DACA, the student would be limited to cash paying jobs like babysitting or lawn mowing.

The cost of the application is $465  ($380 application fee, plus $85 for fingerprinting/photo).

Your support of this student’s application will not only ensure that the student has more security in his/her ability to stay enrolled in and focused on school, but also will allow the student to begin to financially support his/her family. Even small gifts make a BIG difference!

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