Help Khalil get to Japan

Meet Khalil…

Khalil immigrated to the United States from Belize. He attended Cornelia Elementary and South View Middle School and is currently a senior at Edina High School where he participates in the STRIVE Program sponsored by the Edina Rotary (he is pictured above working with his STRIVE teacher). Khalil is passionate about Japanese language and culture. This interest in Japan began at an early age when his oldest brother introduced him to Japanese anime. Khalil dreams of becoming fluent in Japanese, so he was excited to see Japanese as a class offering at the high school when he registered for classes at the end of 9th grade. Unfortunately, the class was not offered during his sophomore year, but with persistence, was able to take Japanese in his junior and senior years. “Japanese is one of my favorite classes of all time and I was excited to start it my junior year. This year makes my second and last year in Japanese (at EHS), and (my family) had an opportunity to host some Japanese students for a couple days. I took this chance to host a kid whose name was Yuki, also I helped another teacher of mine with his kid whose name was Ruuyuya we had fun together and I made Japanese friends. After this event I wanted to go to Japan myself so I asked my Japanese teacher if she knew about travel opportunities to Japan.”

Khalil’s teacher helped him find a trip through and he would love to take advantage of the opportunity to realize his dream of traveling to Japan and becoming fluent in Japanese. However, he needs help to get there. “The trip cost is around $3,000 and my family would be able to contribute $1,000. I am looking for available scholarship opportunities to find the remaining $2,000 to make my dream come true. Can you help?”

One of the members of the Edina Rotary made Edina Give and Go aware of Khalil’s need, and asked us to help get the word out to the community. If you are able to help Khalil realize his dream, please click on the button below. He needs to have the money by March 15 in order to go on the trip.

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