Driver’s Education Classes

Please note, one student has been paid for! However, we are still looking for donors to GIVE so that the other student can GO!

Imagine that you are a single working parent who must work the evening shift… your children are  without any way to get home from a late practice at school or to and from a job. What a gift it would be if one of them could drive! Then the older child could go grocery shopping, help transport younger siblings, be able to stay after school to work on projects or take part in extracurricular activities (the activity bus is great, but many high school extracurricular groups have practices at night), or even have transportation to a job.

Two students (one at EHS and the other at SVMS) have requested help to pay for driver’s ed training. The students need $250 each in order to take the classes. Any amount you can contribute is appreciated!

Please GIVE Here

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