Driver’s Ed Classes

Driver’s Ed

21 Students have taken Driver’s Ed this school year with the help of Edina Give and Go!

Driver’s Ed classes through Edina Community Education offer students so much more than the opportunity to learn how to drive. Getting a driver’s license removes a transportation barrier that allows students to access great life and learning opportunities. Edina Give and Go partners with Edina Community Education to provide up to $362.50 towards the tuition for driving instruction for qualifying students. Total Driver’s Ed Investment (families must contribute to the cost): $395.00

What Driver’s Ed means to our students:

  • “I really am very proud you paid for my drivers ed and I wish I could pay you guys back because you are life savers.”
  • “Thank you for the incredible help that you have provided!”

This need is ongoing and growing! Please give so that all students have the opportunity to GO to Driver’s Ed.

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