We are proud to say that we are changing the lives of Edina students—one at a time. Our goal is to give ALL Edina students access to the life and learning opportunities within our amazing community. Please read below to see how your giving has made a difference.

  • Cheerleading


    Go Hornets! Several girls will be participating in cheerleading this fall with the help of Edina Give and Go. Not only does cheerleading promote school spirit, it also provides exercise, camaraderie, and a sense of pride in their school. However, uniforms and team fees are expensive! Right here in Edina, some …Read More »
  • Basketball Camp

    Basketball Camp

    Summer Basketball Camp Three Edina students will be taking part in a week long basketball camp this summer with the help of Edina Give and Go. Right here in Edina, some students need a little help to be able to participate in athletics. Won’t you GIVE so that other students …Read More »
  • KIDS Club and Success Center

    KIDS Club and Success Center

    Summer KIDS Club Kids Club provides a safe, caring environment for students to enjoy during the summer. Students maintain and make friendships as the explore the Twin Cities on field trips and hang out with friends playing games and making crafts. They also get help with reading and math to …Read More »
  • Band and Orchestra Instrument Rental

    Band and Orchestra Instrument Rental

    Yearly Instrument Rental and Summer Lessons So far this month, nine rising 5th graders will be joining the band or orchestra at their elementary schools with the help of Edina Give and Go. Your donations paid the fees for instrument rental for the school year and beginning instrument lessons over the summer. Thanks to …Read More »
  • AVID 12 Books

    AVID 12 Books

    Books Needed for Summer Reading The AVID 12 kids are going to college! Before they go, they need one last thing from Edina High School— their summer reading books so they’ll be ready to hit the ground running in the fall. AVID, Advancement Via Individual Determination, is a college readiness …Read More »
  • Genesys Works

    Genesys Works

    Summer Internship Opportunity One of our high school students was selected to participate in Genesys Works this summer! The program’s mission is “to transform the lives of disadvantage high school students through skills training, meaningful internships, and impactful relationships.” There is only one problem:  the student had already purchased a plane ticket …Read More »
  • Summer of Opportunity

    Summer of Opportunity

    Camp Kici Yapi This summer, 5o Edina students who experience economic difficulties will get to go to camp at Camp Kici Yapi for a week! While there, they will learn skills, develop character, and make new friends. Engaging in physical, social, and educational activities such as swimming, canoeing, archery, climbing, environmental …Read More »
  • Yearbooks


    South View Middle School Yearbook Scholarship Request Do you remember the joy of getting your yearbook signed at the end of the school year? Imagine how it might feel to be one of the only students who doesn’t have one. Yearbooks are an expensive “extra” and as such, are something …Read More »
  • KIDS Club

    KIDS Club

    After-School Enrichment Opportunity Two Edina elementary students are excited that they are able to go to KIDS Club after school now because of Edina Give and Go. These two students needed a nurturing, enriching atmosphere after school so that they could grow socially and academically. This opportunity allows them to meet …Read More »
  • Prom Tux Rental

    Prom Tux Rental

    Prom! The very word conjures up memories of long gowns and tuxes, corsages and boutonnierres, dinner and dancing…. but all of those cost money, lots of money. This year, at least one boy will be attending Edina High School’s prom in a rented tuxedo with the help of  Edina Give …Read More »
  • AAU Basketball

    AAU Basketball

    Off-Season Ball It’s almost impossible for athletes to play at the varsity level without playing in the off-season. However, off-season training comes at a high cost. An Edina student approached us asking for help playing AAU basketball so that he could remain competitive. Because of your generous support, we were able …Read More »
  • Drama Class

    Drama Class

    Break a Leg! This spring we granted a request from an elementary student who wanted to take part in “It’s A Pirate’s Life,” a play being produced through the Edina branch of Drama Kids International. Students taking part in this production gain confidence and learn to express themselves creatively. They also learn …Read More »
  • YMCA Membership Requested

    YMCA Membership Requested

    George* is new to Edina Public Schools and was having trouble adjusting to his new home and school. His dad came to us and asked if we could help pay for a membership to the Southdale YMCA so that George could make some friends and have a safe place to …Read More »
  • Concert Tickets

    Concert Tickets

    All City Orchestra Concert Tickets Every year, the Edina Public Schools Orchestra Program hosts an All City Orchestra Concert. Tickets are $10 for adults and $6 for children. This year, the orchestra directors approached Edina Give and Go to see if we’d be willing to fund a program to help …Read More »
  • Edina Yearbooks

    Edina Yearbooks

    Are you able to help a student purchase a yearbook? Do you remember the joy of getting your yearbook signed at the end of the school year? Imagine how it might feel to be one of the only students who doesn’t have one. Yearbooks are an expensive “extra” and as …Read More »
  • YMCA Basketball

    YMCA Basketball

    Fulfilled! An Edina elementary student requested help to join the Edina YMCA so that she can play basketball. Her parents believe that access to programming and sports at the Y will give her the confidence she needs to succeed as she adjusts to a new school in Edina. We were …Read More »
  • Quarterly In-Kind Donation Drive: Calculators

    Quarterly In-Kind Donation Drive: Calculators

    Edina Give and Go is collecting new or gently used calculators for 3rd – 12th graders. If your child no longer needs his or hers, please consider passing it along to a student in need. The following Texas Instruments calculators are recommended by the district: TI- 108 TI- 15 TI- …Read More »
  • Middle School Theatre

    Middle School Theatre

    Fulfilled! All middle school students in Edina can participate in theatre because there is a no cut policy. However, there is a fee for participation and some students need help paying that fee. With your help, we were able to make a middle schooler’s dream of performing on stage come true! …Read More »
  • Quarterly In-Kind Donation Drive:  Gym Shoes

    Quarterly In-Kind Donation Drive: Gym Shoes

    Do you have a middle school age boy or girl who is growing out of his or her shoes before they are worn out? The middle school gym teachers have noticed some students who are in need of gym shoes (adult sizes 6-11). Please donate new or slightly used sneakers to support students in need. …Read More »
  • Summer 2016: Middle School Cycling Club

    Summer 2016: Middle School Cycling Club

      Students in grades 7-9 are welcome to join the Middle School Cycling Club. For 3 weeks this summer, they will bike an average of 10-20 miles per day (off road). They will explore all the secrets of the Twin Cities’ biking trails while learning bike safety and care. The …Read More »