College Application Fees

Fees for College Application Process Are Burdensome for Edina Students in Need

Recently, a frustrated student walked into the Access room at Edina High School. This student had jumped through many of the hoops required by the college application process: filling out applications, writing essays, interviewing, and completing the FAFSA. Only one more hoop stood in the way— the CSS Profile. The student had filled it all out, but when the final page appeared, it asked that a fee be paid and the student couldn’t afford it. Thankfully, the Access teacher has a debit card supplied by Edina Give and Go for this very reason, so teacher and student were able to get online and pay the fee before the deadline.

Thanks to your support of Edina Give and Go, this student’s application to Harvard is complete. Donate here to help more students realize their dreams of applying to college.

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