We are unlocking opportunities, one student at a time because right here in Edina, some students need a little extra help. From association fees to equipment costs, we unlock opportunities in athletics.

Read more about our athletic opportunities below.

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  • Diving Lessons

    Diving Lessons

    Three Edina elementary students are thrilled to be able to take diving lessons this fall through Edina Community Education. Edina Give and Go is happy to work in partnership with Edina Public Schools so that students can take part in extracurricular activities that enrich their minds and strengthen their bodies. …Read More »
  • Swim Club

    Swim Club

    Two students will be swimming a full season with a swim club because Edina Give and Go was able to grant their request for  help. According to their mother, these students will improve their skills and have an active life every day because of your generosity. Please continue to GIVE so others …Read More »
  • Soccer Club

    Soccer Club

    Right here in Edina, some kids need a little help to join an athletic team. We recently received a request from an Edina student who wanted to play on an Edina Soccer Club team this fall. Because of your generosity, we were able to help this student pay the necessary fees. Goal!!!!Read More »
  • Sports Registration Fees

    Sports Registration Fees

    Each year, we receive several requests for help paying fees for sports (fall baseball, winter baseball, and basketball). Student athletes from families with financial disadvantage want to play sports, but often the fees make it difficult to do so. If you can help, please GIVE so that these athletes can GO play …Read More »
  • School Sponsored Trips

    School Sponsored Trips

    Many of Edina’s great life and learning opportunities happen outside the classroom during school sponsored trips. Edina Give and Go supports sending qualifying students on these trips by helping to pay travel fees. Help a student by donating below.Read More »
  • Hornet Spirit Wear For Student Athletes

    Hornet Spirit Wear For Student Athletes

    When a student is selected for an athletic team, the uniforms are provided. But often middle and high school team members purchase extra Hornet attire for wearing on game days and other occasions. For some students, the cost of this extra apparel is a huge burden. They want to feel …Read More »
  • Fall Baseball

    Fall Baseball

    Play Ball! Right here in Edina, a little boy is super excited to be able to play fall baseball this year. It’s his favorite sport, and he wouldn’t have been able to play without a little help from Edina Give and Go.  Edina Give and Go happily unlocked this opportunity for him, …Read More »
  • Cheerleading


    Go Hornets! Several girls will be participating in cheerleading this fall with the help of Edina Give and Go. Not only does cheerleading promote school spirit, it also provides exercise, camaraderie, and a sense of pride in their school. However, uniforms and team fees are expensive! Right here in Edina, some …Read More »
  • Basketball Camp

    Basketball Camp

    Summer Basketball Camp Three Edina students will be taking part in a week long basketball camp this summer with the help of Edina Give and Go. Right here in Edina, some students need a little help to be able to participate in athletics. Won’t you GIVE so that other students …Read More »
  • Pool Pass

    Pool Pass

    Summer Fun at the Edina Aquatic Center A mom of three recently requested help paying for a pool pass for her family. This pass will allow her kids to have a safe, fun way to play and keep cool this summer. We were happy to assist! Please continue to give …Read More »
  • Summer is GO time 2017!

    Summer is GO time 2017!

    Edina Community Education Summer Enrichment Camps Every summer, Edina Community Education puts on numerous camps and classes to provide enrichment over the summer to students in grades K-8. However, they have found through family surveys that one of the biggest barriers to participation in summer enrichment is cost. So, Edina …Read More »
  • Leaders in Training

    Leaders in Training

    Camp Kici Yapi This summer 10 Edina middle school students interested in becoming future day camp counselors will get to participate in a two week Leaders in Training camp at Camp Kici Yapi. There, they will have the opportunity to shadow counselors of younger campers and assist staff in their …Read More »
  • Summer of Opportunity

    Summer of Opportunity

    Camp Kici Yapi This summer, 5o Edina students who experience economic difficulties will get to go to camp at Camp Kici Yapi for a week! While there, they will learn skills, develop character, and make new friends. Engaging in physical, social, and educational activities such as swimming, canoeing, archery, climbing, environmental …Read More »
  • AAU Basketball

    AAU Basketball

    Off-Season Ball It’s almost impossible for athletes to play at the varsity level without playing in the off-season. However, off-season training comes at a high cost. An Edina student approached us asking for help playing AAU basketball so that he could remain competitive. Because of your generous support, we were able …Read More »
  • YMCA Basketball

    YMCA Basketball

    Fulfilled! An Edina elementary student requested help to join the Edina YMCA so that she can play basketball. Her parents believe that access to programming and sports at the Y will give her the confidence she needs to succeed as she adjusts to a new school in Edina. We were …Read More »
  • Quarterly In-Kind Donation Drive:  Gym Shoes

    Quarterly In-Kind Donation Drive: Gym Shoes

    Do you have a middle school age boy or girl who is growing out of his or her shoes before they are worn out? The middle school gym teachers have noticed some students who are in need of gym shoes (adult sizes 6-11). Please donate new or slightly used sneakers to support students in need. …Read More »
  • Yoga Calm Center in Middle Schools

    Yoga Calm Center in Middle Schools

    Students at Valley View and South View Middle Schools will soon benefit from a Yoga Calm group. The goal is to use Yoga Calm curriculum to assist students struggling in school due to mental health and other social or emotional struggles. Yoga Calm teaches emotional and physical health skills, regulation …Read More »
  • Elementary Family In Need

    Elementary Family In Need

    The guardian of four Edina elementary and preschool siblings needs assistance paying for sports, music lessons, and swimming lessons for the children. The family has received some scholarships, so the total amount needed to help all 4 children is $252. If you are able to help, please click the button below.Read More »
  • Student would love to play Spring Baseball

    Student would love to play Spring Baseball

    An Edina middle school student loves baseball and has played it every spring, but this year, his family’s financial situation has changed and he needs help to play. He has received a scholarship, but still needs $50 in order to be placed on a team. If you are able to …Read More »