We are unlocking opportunities, one student at a time because right here in Edina, some students need a little extra help. From band costs to activity fees, we unlock opportunities in the arts.

Read more about our arts opportunities below.

  • Acting Academy

    Acting Academy

    Because of your generous support, Edina Give and Go has unlocked an opportunity for an Edina elementary student to participate in a Community Education acting class. This student is making friends, becoming more confident, and learning the valuable skill of public speaking all while having fun in a safe after school environment. Break …Read More »
  • Piano Lessons

    Piano Lessons

    Playing the piano has been shown to improve math skills, emotional health, and coordination in students who take lessons. However, lessons can be cost-prohibitive for some Edina families. Edina Give and Go was thrilled to grant an Edina elementary student funds to take lessons after school. This child is so excited …Read More »
  • Instruments for All

    Instruments for All

    The band and orchestra programs at Edina Public Schools have long had a program where students who experience financial need could rent an instrument for a fee ranging from $50 to $100 per year. This fee was traditionally waived for students who receive free and reduced price lunch. However, over the years, the …Read More »
  • Orchestra Instruments

    Orchestra Instruments

    Playing in the orchestra has many benefits for the mind, body, and soul, but instruments are expensive! Often, students in need are able to rent an instrument from the schools. However, sometimes, the needed instrument is not available. Edina Give and Go was proud to be asked to help with …Read More »
  • After School Classes at Valley View Middle School

    After School Classes at Valley View Middle School

    Valley View Rec Center This year, middle school students cannot hang out after school unsupervised. In order to stay after school, they must be involved in an activity or enrolled in a class. Edina Give and Go is working closely with Edina Community Education to ensure that all students who …Read More »
  • Ballet


    Three little girls are thrilled to be taking a ballet fundamentals class through Edina Community Education this fall. With a little help from Edina Give and Go, they are practicing plies, tendues, and twirling across the floor weekly. Please GIVE so that we may unlock opportunities for other students to GO.Read More »
  • School Sponsored Trips

    School Sponsored Trips

    Many of Edina’s great life and learning opportunities happen outside the classroom during school sponsored trips. Edina Give and Go supports sending qualifying students on these trips by helping to pay travel fees. Help a student by donating below.Read More »
  • Middle School Theatre

    Middle School Theatre

    It’s time to break a leg! All middle school students in Edina can participate in theatre because there is a no cut policy. However, there is a fee for participation and some students need help paying that fee. With your help, we were able to make a middle schooler’s dream of …Read More »
  • Band and Orchestra Instrument Rental

    Band and Orchestra Instrument Rental

    Yearly Instrument Rental and Summer Lessons So far this summer, 10 rising 5th graders are ready to join the band or orchestra at their elementary schools because of the help of Edina Give and Go. Your donations paid the fees for instrument rental for the school year and beginning instrument lessons over the summer. Thanks to …Read More »
  • EHS Band Tour

    EHS Band Tour

    Edina High School Band Tour 2017 This fall, the Edina High School Marching Band will be going on tour to Branson, Missouri. This trip is considered by many bandies to be the highlight of their band career. It is an opportunity to improve skills, experience the thrill of performing away …Read More »
  • Summer is GO time 2017!

    Summer is GO time 2017!

    Edina Community Education Summer Enrichment Camps Every summer, Edina Community Education puts on numerous camps and classes to provide enrichment over the summer to students in grades K-8. However, they have found through family surveys that one of the biggest barriers to participation in summer enrichment is cost. So, Edina …Read More »
  • Leaders in Training

    Leaders in Training

    Camp Kici Yapi This summer 10 Edina middle school students interested in becoming future day camp counselors will get to participate in a two week Leaders in Training camp at Camp Kici Yapi. There, they will have the opportunity to shadow counselors of younger campers and assist staff in their …Read More »
  • Summer of Opportunity

    Summer of Opportunity

    Camp Kici Yapi This summer, 5o Edina students who experience economic difficulties will get to go to camp at Camp Kici Yapi for a week! While there, they will learn skills, develop character, and make new friends. Engaging in physical, social, and educational activities such as swimming, canoeing, archery, climbing, environmental …Read More »
  • Drama Class

    Drama Class

    Break a Leg! This spring we granted a request from an elementary student who wanted to take part in “It’s A Pirate’s Life,” a play being produced through the Edina branch of Drama Kids International. Students taking part in this production gain confidence and learn to express themselves creatively. They also learn …Read More »
  • Concert Tickets

    Concert Tickets

    All City Orchestra Concert Tickets Every year, the Edina Public Schools Orchestra Program hosts an All City Orchestra Concert. Tickets are $10 for adults and $6 for children. This year, the orchestra directors approached Edina Give and Go to see if we’d be willing to fund a program to help …Read More »
  • Urban Boatbuilders Project

    Urban Boatbuilders Project

    Help a student learn valuable skills! With your support, Edina Give and Go will be working with Edina Community Education and Urban Boatbuilders this spring to allow 16 middle schools students to turn a pile of wood into a beautiful canoe.  Help us make it happen by giving here now:  Read More »
  • Collecting Instruments

    Collecting Instruments

    Do you have a band or orchestra instrument gathering dust in your basement? If so, there may well be an Edina 5th grader who could use it! Through a partnership with Edina band directors, we can take your old instrument and put in in the hands of an aspiring musician. …Read More »
  • Musical Instrument Teachers Needed

    Musical Instrument Teachers Needed

    We are looking for qualified individuals willing to give music lessons to promising young musicians in our middle schools. In order to keep pace with other students in band and orchestra, private lessons are essential. This would be a great opportunity for volunteers to build a relationship and make a difference …Read More »
  • Donate Musical Instruments Here

    Donate Musical Instruments Here

    Two soon-to-be 5th graders are signed up to play in the band next year— but they need instruments. We are searching for a trumpet and a clarinet. If you would be willing to donate to these students, they would be SO happy! Click the button below if you are able to help, …Read More »
  • Elementary Family In Need

    Elementary Family In Need

    The guardian of four Edina elementary and preschool siblings needs assistance paying for sports, music lessons, and swimming lessons for the children. The family has received some scholarships, so the total amount needed to help all 4 children is $252. If you are able to help, please click the button below.Read More »