We are unlocking opportunities, one student at a time because right here in Edina, some students need a little extra help. From internet services to test prep fees, we unlock opportunities in academics.

Read more about our academic opportunities below.

  • Math Skill Building

    Math Skill Building

    After school classes to build math skills are helpful for many students. However, some of the students who need this after school programming cannot afford it without a little help. Edina Give and Go was pleased to be able to offer financial help to the family of an elementary school student …Read More »
  • Driver’s Ed Classes

    Driver’s Ed Classes

    Driver’s Ed Driver’s Ed classes through Edina Community Education offer students so much more than the opportunity to learn how to drive. Getting a driver’s license removes a transportation barrier that allows students to access great life and learning opportunities. Edina Give and Go partners with Edina Community Education to provide …Read More »
  • Access Program at Edina High School

    Access Program at Edina High School

    Finding a Realistic Path Beyond High School The Access program at Edina High School  is designed to catch EPS students and encourage, support, and help push them to an individual realistic path beyond high school. To that end, the paid staff and volunteers in the Access Program are available to …Read More »
  • Hotspots / Home Internet Access

    Hotspots / Home Internet Access

    Edina students need access to the internet to complete their homework assignments, to be connected to teachers and other students, and to find the resources they need to succeed in school. Teachers communicate with parents via the internet, too. But many families cannot afford a connection, and that puts them at …Read More »
  • School Sponsored Trips

    School Sponsored Trips

    Many of Edina’s great life and learning opportunities happen outside the classroom during school sponsored trips. Edina Give and Go supports sending qualifying students on these trips by helping to pay travel fees. Help a student by donating below.Read More »
  • Senior Photos

    Senior Photos

    Senior photos are a right of passage and are featured prominently in the high school yearbook. This year, we project that 10-15 students will need help getting their senior pictures taken. The fee is $40 per student. Please make students feel included by helping them get a special senior picture in the …Read More »
  • Edina Yearbooks

    Edina Yearbooks

    Are you able to help a student purchase a yearbook? Do you remember the joy of getting your yearbook signed at the end of the school year? Imagine how it might feel to be one of the only students who doesn’t have one. Yearbooks are an expensive “extra” and as …Read More »
  • Help High School Students with ACT/SAT/TOEFL Testing

    Help High School Students with ACT/SAT/TOEFL Testing

    Students who qualify can take the SAT and ACT at no charge—twice. Some of our students would like to take it another time. Many could benefit from added support, but cannot afford it. Others could use help to pay for the TOEFL (a test for students whose first language is …Read More »
  • Tutoring


    Tutoring Pilot Program This summer, Edina Give and Go tried something new. In partnership with Access Great Teachers, we are helping a few Edina students get academic tutoring over the summer so that they will be ready to hit the ground running when school starts up this fall. We’ve had …Read More »
  • Quarterly In-Kind Donation Drive: School Supplies

    Quarterly In-Kind Donation Drive: School Supplies

    Now Collecting School Supplies From now through September, Edina Give and Go is collecting school supplies for Edina students in need. Many students stop in to the school social workers’ offices looking for supplies at the beginning of the year. We want to be sure that the social workers have …Read More »
  • KIDS Club and Success Center

    KIDS Club and Success Center

    Summer KIDS Club Kids Club provides a safe, caring environment for students to enjoy during the summer. Students maintain and make friendships as the explore the Twin Cities on field trips and hang out with friends playing games and making crafts. They also get help with reading and math to …Read More »
  • AVID 12 Books

    AVID 12 Books

    Books Needed for Summer Reading The AVID 12 kids are going to college! Before they go, they need one last thing from Edina High School— their summer reading books so they’ll be ready to hit the ground running in the fall. AVID, Advancement Via Individual Determination, is a college readiness …Read More »
  • Summer Kids’ Club

    Summer Kids’ Club

    Child in Need of a Safe Place to Go this Summer An Edina Elementary student is currently homeless. Mom needed her child to have access to Summer Kids’ Club so that her child could have some structure, interaction with other kids, and the opportunity to do arts, crafts, and have …Read More »
  • Genesys Works

    Genesys Works

    Summer Internship Opportunity One of our high school students was selected to participate in Genesys Works this summer! The program’s mission is “to transform the lives of disadvantage high school students through skills training, meaningful internships, and impactful relationships.” There is only one problem:  the student had already purchased a plane ticket …Read More »
  • Summer is GO time 2017!

    Summer is GO time 2017!

    Edina Community Education Summer Enrichment Camps Every summer, Edina Community Education puts on numerous camps and classes to provide enrichment over the summer to students in grades K-8. However, they have found through family surveys that one of the biggest barriers to participation in summer enrichment is cost. So, Edina …Read More »
  • Leaders in Training

    Leaders in Training

    Camp Kici Yapi This summer 10 Edina middle school students interested in becoming future day camp counselors will get to participate in a two week Leaders in Training camp at Camp Kici Yapi. There, they will have the opportunity to shadow counselors of younger campers and assist staff in their …Read More »
  • Summer of Opportunity

    Summer of Opportunity

    Camp Kici Yapi This summer, 5o Edina students who experience economic difficulties will get to go to camp at Camp Kici Yapi for a week! While there, they will learn skills, develop character, and make new friends. Engaging in physical, social, and educational activities such as swimming, canoeing, archery, climbing, environmental …Read More »
  • Prom Tux Rental

    Prom Tux Rental

    Prom! The very word conjures up memories of long gowns and tuxes, corsages and boutonnierres, dinner and dancing…. but all of those cost money, lots of money. This year, at least one boy will be attending Edina High School’s prom in a rented tuxedo with the help of  Edina Give …Read More »
  • Urban Boatbuilders Project

    Urban Boatbuilders Project

    Help a student learn valuable skills! With your support, Edina Give and Go will be working with Edina Community Education and Urban Boatbuilders this spring to allow 16 middle schools students to turn a pile of wood into a beautiful canoe.  Help us make it happen by giving here now:  Read More »
  • South View Middle School Yearbooks

    South View Middle School Yearbooks

    Think of the joy your students get from flipping back through old yearbooks….keeping those memories alive helps them feel a part of their school community. Several students at South View Middle School wanted to purchase yearbooks, but the $35 cost was too much. A grant from Edina Give and Go …Read More »